“Sisi Si Wajinga Buana” This Is What Happened In Stephen Letoo’s Wedding


Si Stephen Letoo has fooled Kenyan men tototo.

He hyped how he was a brave polygamist and how he his Wedding was going to be him openly and courageously marrying his two women only for him to land at the Altar and exchange vows with ONE female. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.

Stephen Letoo wife

Wanaume mabasha waKenya wako disappointed aje!

Cassanovas, thenges, Tomcats, mpaka the religious pious ones, hata tumutu tuko kwa single room za choo za inje, complete with one pair of shoe were waiting for the polygamous wedding so that they benchmark and use that to tisha women.

Poleni sana, hata Letoo ame keliwa chapati, hakuna ujanja, the standard remains.

One man, one wife and your secret mipangos waendelea kukuliwo kwa mfuko kama njugu karanga.


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