10 Commandments Of Marriage


Here are the ten commandments of marriage

  1. Thou shall not have another partner apart from your spouse.
  2. Thou shall not speak evil about your partner to your family.
  3. Thou shall Remember the labour of your wife, when you were poor. So when you’re rich, honour her. Also, thou shall remember how your husband is trying his best to fulfil his responsibility to the family, so always encourage him and value his effort.
  4. Thou shall not compare your partner to anyone.
  5. Thou shall not deny thy self quality intimacy, even in the time of misunderstanding, don’t deny yourselves.
  6. Thou shall respect another, and and let humility reign in your house.
  7. Thou shall not insult your partner in public so that people will not know their weakness. Thou shall correct one another in love secretly. Thou shall not bully your partner either by domestic violence or by uncouth words.
  8. Thou shall forgive your partner 70 x7 in 1 day.
  9. Thou shall make your partner happy at all times. Thou shall always ask them: Are you okay❓
  10. Thou shall not say to your partner, leave my life, or it is over between us, resolve your issues. Thou shall always remember that there is no perfect Union anywhere in the World.

I pray for people facing challenges in their relationship or marriage, that God will intervene speedily and happiness will returned soon in your relationship or marriage.

Your union will not scatter, may God bless your marriage in JESUS NAME.


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