I Wish I Never Met You At All, Sad Heart Breaking Message


I used to believe that you love me like the way I feel for you. I used to tell myself that you would never ever try to hurt me because you know exactly how I’ve been hurt before. But suddenly, you ripped my heart into pieces and made me feel so unworthy of love. You told me that I wasn’t enough. You even made an effort just to make me feel worthless. And just like that, you killed all my confidence and my remaining amount of love for myself. I never would have thought that you would hurt me more that I’ve been hurt before by somebody else. I’ve trusted you. Poured so much love on you and made you feel so valued. But I don’t think that it was enough for you to see my worth.

I honestly don’t know whether to feel hurt or sad right now, but I am sure about how disappointed I am to love someone like you. I never expected that the person I loved so dearly was a cruel and insensitive person. I never expected that I would love a person like you. I wish you showed me your real intention from the very first time we met, but sometimes, I wish I never met you at all. After all that I’ve sacrificed just for you to love me the same, you still didn’t hesitate to break my heart into pieces. And after all that happened to us, I think the saddest part of this is letting you go while I’m still in love with you.


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