Why Content Writers Lose Motivation In Blogging Field


Most bloggers end up losing motivation after awhile because:
1) They just wanted to own a website without quality contents.

2)They get frustrated with very low earnings and traffic

3) They get confused on what to put out to the audience, posting randomly thereby hurting the websites relevance.

Well, at the end of the day, they can’t claim to be bloggers actually. You have to be consistent and determined to make waves.

If you don’t have good contents you can hire a volunteer writer to help out with you first 15 post also, it would help a lot.

As a writer who has written over 800 articles for top publications and a couple of bloggers, I can testify to this.

Well, if you need a good content writer, that would give you articles on the niches:
Africanism, self improvement, tech advancement, afro-culture.
You can send me a message, If you need a website designer.

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