What Inooro TV Journalist Muthoni Wa Mukiri Went Through Before Quiting Her Job


Quiting my job at Inooro TV was very hard for me-Muthoni Wa Mukiri.

Former Inooro TV News Anchor Muthoni Mukiri revealed the dilemma she underwent before deciding to quit employment.

Speaking on her Youtube Channel dubbed Muthoni’s mission, she revealed her emotional attachment to her audience.

“I wanted to quit employment but I didn’t know where to begin. I had already set up side hustles and investments but the nature of my job made me grow closer to my audience. I feel like they’re my children.” she stated.

She also said that she was anxious that she would lose the connection she enjoyed with the audience once she quit her full-time job.

“It really broke my heart to leave but I had to do it for my personal gain,” she revealed.

Photo: Muthoni Mukiri, Instagram.

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