UPDATE: Several People Injured In Embakasi Fire Incident As Government Releases Statement


The government of Kenya kwanza through the spokesperson Hon Issac Mwaura have released a statement warning Kenyans from accessing the area where the incident happened. According to the message from the government, it is revealed that the fire starter while a there was a refiling process of gas cylinder. Several people have been injured and they are currently in hospital.


There has been a fire outbreak at Kentainers Company ltd near Kabansora in Embakasi, Nairobi.

The company was refilling gas cylinders when fire broke out and several people injured and rushed to hospital. The building hosting the company is badly damaged. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

Members of the public are advised to avoid the area as rescue operations are underway including fire engines being deployed to the area. More updates to follow”, Hon Sen (Dr.) Isaac Mwaura CBS
Government Spokesman said.


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