Here Is The Advice To Mali Safi Chito



In music industry, three people matters;

After the production of any song between the producer and the artist in the production studio,those will decide the market of that produced song are the FANS.

It is through social media;U tube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tiktok that these fans are found.

As an Artist, how you engage with you FANS is so paramount, these are your employers anyway.

Whoever bad you can be wrong or insulted the same fans at any social media platforms,as an artist you need to be so sober when handling such.

Any negative, arrogant, rude ,abusi language may end up ruining your career in Music Industry.

From this,Mali Safi;The Marakwet daughter who has just hit the market with ner new entertaining song MALI SAFI was out of order to use such vulgur language of even saying “pupuu,Kunya,nyamba” to her fans who were doing critic in her account.

The language used in this clip shows the real character and behaviour of who is MALI SAFI!

Unless she apologies for such abusive language, then the damage will be loud from the fans as time goes!@followers


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