SEE how Nairobi Student, Chris Murimi, turned Kes 1000 Helb loan into Kes 12 Million in one year through Betting. This is what he did


Chris Murimi, a second-year student studying actuarial science at Nairobi University, has become widely talked about on social media after revealing his method of transforming a KES 1,000 HELB loan into KES 10 million within a year through sports Betting. When questioned about his remarkable success in Betting, here’s what he had to say.

“For three years, I actively participated in Betting without any success. It led to severe financial struggles, to the point where I couldn’t even afford rent due to my gambling addiction. This situation left me feeling hopeless, prompting me to quit Betting altogether. During this difficult period, I stumbled upon SokaFans, an incredible prediction site, while casually browsing through Facebook. This discovery turned out to be a turning point in my life. Initially, I was skeptical about using it, but after trying it for a week and seeing positive outcomes, I became fully convinced of its credibility and reliability as a prediction platform,” he narrates.

“After utilizing SokaFans consistently for a year, I can confidently affirm that it has never disappointed me. My daily earnings from Betting exceed KES 50,000, all thanks to this platform. With the steady profitability it offers, I’ve managed to purchase two cars and a plot of land where I intend to build my dream house. I enthusiastically recommend SokaFans to any gambler aiming to earn money and thrive in their Betting pursuits,” he adds.

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