Photos Of A Tax That Got Burnt To Ashes At Karura Kanyungu


Here is the online taxi that yesterday got bunt to ashes at karura kanyungu, leaving the driver in a bad condition.. it’s said that the so called kamtungi ya gas bursted leaving the car on flames. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and see more photos and news updates.

Burnt taxi

Many people have fully followed the route of installing gas in their cars trying to minimize the consumption of fuel not knowing that it’s one fo the risky way of endangering not only their lives but also their customer’s livesā€¦ The kamtungi gas might be economical but it can cost your entire life.. on top of that, insurance might not consider you since it’s your own modifications.. please tuchunge SanašŸ™

Quick recovery to the driveršŸ™


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