10 Weaknesses Men Have In A Woman


Top 10 Weaknesses Men Have in a Woman | Men’s Weaknesses

  1. Woman with a good shape and hotness:
    Women who are full of hotness and have a good curvy body shape will always become a man’s weakness. Men love a woman with a sexy figure and round-shaped boobs and butts.

They already fall for a woman when they see her in a hot dress. Women who have good body shape, have also self-confidence in them. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more interesting stories.

A woman with boldness and confidence will always become at the top of the list of men’s weaknesses.

  1. A woman with an open mind and open hair:
    Men found it very wonderful when a girl is with her hair open, and also one of the great weaknesses of men.

A woman who talks frankly with an open mind and appears in open hair makes the men weak toward herself. Sometimes it will be a weak point for them when a girl tries to tie up their hair or just try to fix their hair.

So, an open-minded and open-haired lady can make a man weak for her.

  1. A woman with beautiful eyes:
    Men often fall for a woman who has attractive eyes. Whenever they see a woman the first thing they notice is their eyes. Beautiful eyes with powerful eye contact can always be successful to draw a man towards her.

Now some girls may think, about how to make a man weak in her eyes if they don’t have it, so girls, there is a lot of make-up available now in this modern era. Go get some, and try it on your eyes, at least have some mascara on your eyes.

A woman with beautiful eyes and powerful eye contact with a man is one of the strengths and weaknesses of men.

  1. A woman with a good smile:
    Smiling has the power to make any men fall in love with them, and it’s one of the most important weaknesses men have.

A woman who has a good and warm smile, and also smiles for a man with seeing in their eyes, man can definitely fall for matter if the girl isn’t that beautiful but if her smile is beautiful, men will get weak towards her.

  1. A woman with seductive touch:
    Men’s desire for physical intimacy is a never-ending process. They will always fall for when there are some topics of seductive touching.

A woman who talks about sexual things and touches a man with seductive nature will always be a great weakness for men. Men never get bored with physical intimacy and will always want a partner who can seduce them

well, so when a girl touches them seductively, they imagine that partner in their bed which is always a great weakness for every man.

  1. A woman who smells good:
    Men often fall for a woman who takes good care of herself, is dressed well, and smells good. If you want a man to fall for you, then make yourself neat and clean, use some beautiful perfume and also most important thing is to make good breath.

Whenever you’re around a man and smell good, have a good breath when you’re talking to him and are also clean and well dressed, men will desire you and this is one of the beautiful weaknesses that men have.

  1. A woman with a good sense of humor:
    Apart from physical appearances, most men have secret weaknesses in a woman who has a good sense of humor and can make any topic in a good direction.

Who doesn’t want to laugh in this colorful world? A man also wants a girl who can make them laugh. A good sense of humor helps Inps to save any bad situation into an enjoyable moment. Most men fall for a woman who has a good sense of humor and also wants to become their life partner.

  1. A woman who asks for help:
    Men always want to be needed by women. They want to do everything for the girl they like the most. If you want to become a man’s weakness then ask him for help even when you don’t need it, ask him to open up a jar for you, or do some little favors that are easy to do.

A man’s feelings for doing a favor for a girl is on another level and it will be more successful if you give some appreciation to him for their help, it will become a strong weakness for guys. Men found it very wonderful when a girl asks for help and also appreciate them for their effort.

  1. Short woman with high heels:
    Men often prefer short girls rather than tall ones. High heels make a girl more confident and also change her style of walking.

So a girl who is short in height and wears high heels will always look beautiful and confident, and men will always fall for them. A girl with much confident and unique style in them can make a man weak towards her, and high heels will always play a role of attraction.

  1. A woman who is a best friend of them:
    According to psychology, most men fall for their female best friend. A best friend is the one with whom we can share our every feelings and thoughts that is even not possible to discuss with our parents.

When a girl is her best friend of them and knows all their bad and good qualities of them, also instead of all these, she supports her friend in every situation. And men found it very attractive and they often fall for their best friend. Read more news


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