Photo Of Old Man Who Was Circumcised At Karangia Village


A 45-year-old man has undergone circumcision at Karangia village in Tetu after evading the rite for years.

Drama ensued when the old man went to take his favorite brew at the local pub and after he got drunk he threatened to urinate on top of a table thus exposing his secret of many years.

Coutesy photo

“We were taking beer at our local joint when he threatened to urinate on top of the table. We challenged him to go ahead and to our surprise, he had not undergone the rite and we had to act.” says an eyewitness.

Immediately, a decision was made they rent a house for his overnight stay and a fundraiser was conducted to enable him to undergo the rite at a local dispensary in the morning.

The old man underwent the rite and was later escorted home by his peers with women ululating as he entered his homestead.

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