My Wife Told Me A Story About A Man Who Kept Following Her In The Market, Trying To Get This From Her


My wife told me a story about a man who kept following her in the market, trying to get her phone number.

Even when she told him that she was married, he refused to believe her because she looked young and beautiful.

He even offered to pay for her things, but the moment she showed him our picture, he gave up and ran away.

When my wife told me the story, I just smiled.

It proved to me that she is beautiful and that marriage is treating her well.

It was a reminder that I was doing a good job.

My only regret was that he didn’t pay for the groceries. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.

I see many people who are in a relationship fight their partner simply because other people go after them.

That is wrong.

Never fight your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband simply because someone else hit on them

What you should be concerned about is the response your partner gave them.

That is where the real deal is.

Except when they begin to cross their boundaries even after being notified (there are stubborn people like that)

I will never have a problem with any man for simply hitting on my wife (everybody likes better things)

Unless he chooses to cross his boundaries.

I will only have a problem with my wife if she does not respond as she should.

When you come across such issues please know how to handle them maturely.

It is you and your wife against the world.

This thing happens so much in a relationship.

Learn to manage it.


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