No Lady Has Ever Told Me No, Here Is The Secret


No lady has ever told me no.

I dated a few ladies before I got married, and there was no lady I approached who turned me down.

Not only because I am tall and handsome, but also because I have made myself irresistible.

I built myself to be an ideal man for the kind of woman I wanted.

As a single guy in a relationship, I was updating myself and becoming the best I could.

There was no lady I dated who was happy when the relationship ended.

I kept updating my skills, and I was always on top of my game.

The reason some men walk out on you easily is because you stopped being an ideal woman for them.

The reason some ladies tell you no or break up with you is because they don’t find you interesting anymore.

Another wrong thing people do is they go for people who are out of their class.

The truth is we are all in different sizes, and looking for someone who is out of your clique is like setting yourself up for destruction.

Be the best you can and hang around people who are of your class and mindset.

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