His Favorite: This Is How I Turned To Be My Baby Daddy’s favorite That He Even Married Me And Dumped All The Other Women He Had


My name is Lisa and I am a mother of one daughter who is four years old. The father of my daughter, a very rich guy was unmarried but had several baby mamas and of course, I was one of them.

His name was Samuel and I really loved him.In the time of meeting him, Samuel had not told me that he was seeing other chiqs. We dated for quite some time and I thought we were all exclusive. However, when I became pregnant, he told me he would take care of the baby but would not marry me because he had other women.

It did hurt me of course because I had invested heavily in the relationship especially emotionally. But the deal was still okay since he even offered to take care of my baby.My baby was born and Samuel still continued to show love to me and my precious daughter. However, one of the baby mamas was so controlling of Samuel.

We were three of us and so this particular woman wanted Samuel all to herself. She would get really mad whenever Samuel was at my place or even buying my daughter cool stuff. She just selfishly wanted the man to herself.


Things got worse late last year when she convinced Samuel to marry him and abandon me and my daughter. She gave him the condition that when he married her, there would be no visiting me or even sending me money.“ Hi Lisa, just wanted to tell you that I will be marrying my other baby mama and from now on, you are on your own, I do not want you or the little girl again,” he said when he called me to give him the news.

Truthfully, I could not have had a problem with him marrying the other woman but I found it rude for him to abandon his daughter. I tried visiting him at his place but the other baby mama chased me away. I felt really demeaned by her and still, I was not making any good money to cater for my daughter and since he was the father, I expected him to take care of her without coercion.

He refused taking my calls and even blocked me on social media.I was so stressed. As I was taking my daughter to school few days later since she had just begun baby class, I told the teacher the problems I was going through with my baby daddy and coincidentally she had also experienced the same when her son was little and the father of her son married another woman.

“I visited Doctor Mugwenu at that time and I was helped. Just visit him and he will use his spell casting powers to make your baby daddy come to his senses and take care of your child and also you,” she advised.I took Doctor Mugwenu’s number from her and I gave him a call. I told him the troubles that I had with the father of my daughter and how he had dumped me for the other woman.

He gave me some advice and also asked me to meet him the next day. I met him and he performed the get your man back spell which would make Samuel love me more and get back to me and also support my daughter.Two days after my visit to Doctor Mugwenu, Samuel called me and told me he had missed to see me and our child and asked me whether I would allow him visit us.

He came and since my daughter was still in school, we talked about our issues and he apologized for dumping me. Three weeks later he dumped the other woman and married me. We are now a happy couple and I have Doctor Mugwenu to thank for that.I advise anyone with a similar problem to visit Dr. Mugwenu.

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