Drama As A Cheating Couple Is Caught Stuck At Their Private Parts In Mombasa


Drama ensued in a hotel in Mombasa after two lovebirds who were having sex got stuck at their private parts. The man, was apparently having sex with his mpango wa kando and while penetrating to her, he got stuck inside her and they both started wailing in pain.

The hotel workers rushed to their room to help them but their efforts to unstuck them did not bore any fruit. They couple was in pain and the hotel manager called a pastor to pray for the couple in order to help them get unlocked. As the pastor was in his way to the hotel, the man confessed that he was cheating on his wife and that she was the one who had locked them.

The hotel staff also called the man’s wife on her phone to see if she would help unlock the two cheaters.When the pastor reached the hotel, he prayed for the two lovers for over an hour but they still remained in their state.

The pastor advised the hotel workers to just call the wife of the man so that she can explain what she did to glue the two lovers together.In a few minutes, the wife of the man appeared and found her husband glued to her mpango wa kando.

She told the crowd that had gathered in the room where the two were interlocked that she started suspecting her husband had an affair a month ago when he started coming home late.“I, therefore, sought Doctor Mugwenu’s services which help catch cheating spouses red-handed,” she said.

The wife further said Doctor Mugwenu cast a spell which stuck the two lovers in order to teach them a lesson that they would not ever forget. The crowd was really impressed at Doctor Mugwenu’s spell which helped teach cheating partners a good lesson.


After her narration, she called Doctor Mugwenu and he reversed the spell and the two stuck love birds were unstuck and the crowd gave them a beating for being immoral. Many people also thanked Doctor Mugwenu for unsticking them since they had tried to unglue them but nothing was working.

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