Here Is The Difference Between Wife And Side Chic


So I’ve seeing alot of posts on different social media platforms,


This challenge tries to paint the picture that the side chics are more beautiful than the wives at home, and dress better, Well, this is true in some cases.

First and foremost, this challenge has failed to and will never answer the question, what of Women who dress better and are more beautiful than the side chics their husband’s cheat on them with?

There are 3 types of Men.

1) The Man that MUST Cheat.

Even if his wife is Angelina Jolie
This Man will cheat on ANY woman he marries.. Even if his wife is a fashion icon, Oga will still cheat on her with a woman who doesn’t know how to combine colors.

2) The Man that MAY Cheat

This Man will not cheat, but only as long as his wife meets his needs, sexual and otherwise, and as long as he is not tempted by another Woman.

His faithfuness to his wife is not born out of a pre-determination, but out of convenience.

3) The Man that WON’T Cheat

Even if his wife decides not to take care of her appearance or denies him sex.
His decision to be faithful is born out of a reverence for his God, not the appearance of his wife.

Dear Lady, Want a Man that will stay at home and not cheat?

Marry Well.

If you marry a Man who has the cheating App installed in his software, if you like look like sidebroiler, and dress like sidefowl, he will cheat.

Let’s call a spade a spade

Cheating is a Decision, not Compulsion.

Cheating is an Action, not a Reaction.

Yes, Women should dress well, and look beautiful and attractive to their Husbands, very very important, (men are moved by sight), but truth is, some Men just want to cheat, I’ll love to see a challenge that paints this picture.

And let us do a challenge for Men too, where men dress well to attract their wives, they gym and grow 6 packs, and shed off their pot bellies and stop mixing up colors like they are Dj Spino on the wheels, mixing beats.


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