10 Benefits Of Being A One Woman Man


The 10 Benefits of Being a One Woman Man;-

  1. You get to love with all your heart. As a man, you will never know how good you can love until you love one woman with all your heart.
  2. That one woman will become your one best friend.
  3. You will not share her with anyone. As you are a one woman man, she will be a one man woman.
  4. You get to truly know what faithfulness and loyalty means. Loyalty means allegiance to one, not many. Faithfulness and loyalty cannot be shared or distributed. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more interesting stories.
  5. It shields your child/children from confusion. Children suffer the most when their parents are caught up in an affair or a love triangle.
  6. You get to please God. It is God’s design that a man and a woman would cleave to each other and become one.
  7. You get to fully enjoy sex. Sex is sweetest when you are doing it with a woman who gives you her whole because she knows she’s not sharing you with another. Exclusivity is a major turn on to a woman. She will drive your penis crazy. Making love is not making love if you are doing it with more than one woman. Choose to make love, not to merely have sex
  8. It shows respect to the woman you claim to love. It is a sign of utmost disrespect when a man wants his wife to be faithful to only him, yet he thinks that it is OK and manly for him to have many women or wives. Women are not inferior to men.
  9. It fosters partnership. You will get the most out of a woman when you make her your only one.
  10. You benefit from womanhood. When you make that one woman special and protect her place in your life. When you love her good and elevate her above all other women; she in turn will love you back so good. She will be the biggest blessing in your life to the point others will look at you and declare that you are blessed.

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