It was a little after 2:00am and Masoud needed to use the toilet so he called Yusrah’s phone. “Hello?” her groggy voice sounded.

“Come down to my room, I need to use the toilet.” he said.

“When you learn to say please, call me.” she hung up and put her pillow over her head.

He called her back immediately and she hissed. “Yes?”

“Please I need to use the toilet.” he said. “Better. Be down in a minute.” she replied and went downstairs.

“So, how am I supposed to help you pee?” she asked. He shrugged. “I don’t know.”

She rolled her eyes and helped him on his wheelchair before wheeling him into the toilet. She closed the door behind him and said to call her when he was done.

When she heard the flusher, she opened the door and helped him back to bed. “Thank you.” he murmured.

“You learn fast, I likey.” she joked and left to go back to sleep.

After saying her fajr prayers, she made breakfast for Masoud and took it to his room. “Ina kwana (good morning).” she greeted, placing the tray of fries and ketchup with tea on his nightstand.

“Morning, sleep well?” he asked, giving her a small smile.

“You mean losing some minutes of my beauty sleep because of you? Then yes, I slept well.” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“Do you ever not roll your eyes?” he asked. “I do. Now let’s get you freshened up.” she said, helping him on his wheelchair before wheeling him to the bathroom.

She put some toothpaste on his brush and opened the tap on the sink. After brushing, she helped him perform ablution. He said his prayers on his wheelchair and had his breakfast.

“Thank you, but you really don’t have to do all this. I can get a live-in nurse or something.” he said.

“It’s not like I have a choice.” she shrugged.

“The breakfast was nice.” he complimented her food.

She looked at him, her mouth fluttering open and close because she didn’t know what to say. He never complimented her cooking before and now that he did, she felt a jolt of happiness in her belly. “Of course it was.”

“Uh- how do I take my bath?” She looked at him weirdly. “I don’t know. Stay dirły?”

“Are you cr#zy?” He frowned. “No I’m not cr#zy, I’m Yusrah.”

“Haha so funny I forgot to laugh.” he rolled his eyes at her lame attempt of making a joke.

“We both know that was funny.”

“You wish, now will you help me get these clothes off?” he asked seriously.

“I am not seeing you nak£d.” she said immediately.

“God! Just my shirt and shorts. You can leave my boxers on.”

“No thank you, I’ll pass.” Yusrah shook her head. “What’s there that you haven’t seen before?” He teased.

“Everything, I’m going to the kitchen.” she scurried off towards the kitchen.

“Yusrah Muhammad!” he called, wheeling himself behind her.

“I am not undressing you Masoud.” she replied. “You don’t have to, just help me remove my shirt and shorts.”

“Your hands aren’t broken.” He sighed. “Please.” Yusrah eyed him cautiously. “Just because you asked nicely.”

“Thank you.”

She wheeled him back to the bedroom and helped him to undress, leaving only his boxers then wheeled him into the bathroom She got a towel

She wheeled him back to the bedroom and helped him to undress, leaving only his boxers then wheeled him into the bathroom. She got a towel and soaked it in hot water before using his sponge to wash his upper body. When she was done, she cleaned his body with the towel and washed his lower body too.

“I’ll excuse you to wash your other body part.” she said and left him to wash his groin area.

“I’m through with it.” he said after some minutes. “Alright, coming in.” she replied and got in.

She helped him change into another underwear with her eyes closed and then into clean clothes.

“You know you could’ve opened your eyes right?” he asked, brushing his hair.

“Ewww, I never want to see your whatever it is.” she twisted her face in disgust.

“I hate being on this wheelchair to be honest.”

“I can imagine how you feel.” she said, putting his dirły clothes in the laundry basket.

“I’m bored. I want to go out of the house.” he said, checking the time on his phone.

“Oh, go out then.”

“Are you for real? Drive me to Millennium Park or something.” Yusrah frowned. “I’m not your driver.”

“Fine. Please Yusrah, drive me to Millennium Park.” he sighed.

“Better, let me change my clothes.” She came back downstairs in a pencil trouser and T-shirt.

Masoud’s eyes raked her body. He had never seen her in a trouser and she looked really hot but he wasn’t going to admit. Yusrah raised a brow and he nodded. They got into the car and she drove them to Millennium Park.

When they arrived, she helped him on his wheelchair and pushed him down the walkway slowly, then stopped at the fountains.

“Thank you for everything Yusrah. Even after how I treated you, you still take care of me.”

“It’s fine Masoud.” she shrugged.

“I’m sorry.” She rolled her eyes before replying. “It’s okay Masoud.”

“I know I’ve not been the best husband and we were forced into this marriage but we can start by being friends.”

“Friends?” Yusrah asked. “Friends.” he nodded, giving her a small smile.

“Alright, friends.” she returned his smile, sticking out her palm.

“Friends.” he chuckled, taking her hand. A few moments passed and he didn’t let go of her hand.

“Uh, you can leave my hand now.” she chuckled awkwardly.

“Sorry.” he smiled. She went behind him and wheeled him towards the riverside.

“What are your likes and dislikes?” he asked out of the blue.

“Figure them out yourself.” she replied. “Come on, tell me.” he pouted like a cute little three year old. “I like reading and writing.”

“What do you write?” he asked curiously. “Love stories, how I imagine my love life to be like.”

“So what do you imagine your love life to be like, Yusrah?” he asked her.

She smiled and closed her eyes dreamily. “I always imagine my knight in shiny armor coming to sweep me off of my feet. I imagine everything to be perfect and smelling like roses to me, you know… Going on dates, going to places together, having si||y arguments and binge watching Netflix shows. I imagine having someone in my life that’ll kiss me and tell me everything will be fine when I’m down and give me massages when I have menstrual cramps. But you know what they say…” she trailed off.

“What do they say?” Masoud asked.

“You can’t always get what you want. You may have everything but still have nothing.”

“Hello Sir.” Yusrah greeted the barrister through the phone.

“Hello! You haven’t returned the signed divorce papers yet, anything wrong?”

“There’s actually something wrong. My husband was in an acc!dent and he broke a leg so I have to take care of him.”

“Take your time Mrs Abdullah. If you ever want to drop the file for divorce, don’t hesitate to call me.”

“I won’t hesitate to call you. Thank you Sir.” she hung up and kept the phone on the island counter.

“Who was that?” Masoud asked, wheeling himself into the kitchen.

“Nobody important.” Yusrah shrugged. “Friends don’t keep things from each other.” he said, smiling a little.

“Best friends don’t keep things from each other.” Yusrah smiled sweetly, too sweetly.

“Touché.” he replied. “What are you doing by the way?” he added.

“Oh I’m auditioning for a dancing competition, can’t you see?” she rolled her eyes.

“You really need to stop being sarcastic with me Yusrah Muhammad.”

“You really need to stop asking dùmb questions Masoud Abdullah.”

“Smarty-pants.” he chuckled. “Of course duh!” She rolled her eyes again.

Phone rings….

“Hello?” Yusrah answered. “Yusrah, what have I done wrong? Why won’t you see me?” Adnan asked over the phone.

“You did nothing. I just have a lot of things to do.” she replied. “Is this about your husband?”

“Yes, something like that.” she said, glancing at Masoud.

“It’s really important. Just five minutes, please.” he pleaded. She sighed because she knew he wouldn’t give up. “Okay okay! I’ll see you in two hours or so.”

“Thank you.” She didn’t bother to reply him, instead she hung up the phone.

“Who was it?” Masoud asked. Yusrah huffed. “Do you ever do anything apart from asking who I’m speaking with?”

“Girl chill, I was just asking.”

“Fine, it was Adnan. He said he has something important to tell me.” she replied.

“Oh…” he trailed off.

“When I’m done making your lunch, I’ll see him. I wonder what he wants.”

“You won’t know until you see him. Just don’t stay out too long.” he forced a smile.

“I won’t.”

“Hey.” she said immediately she entered his car. “I’ve missed you Yusrah.” he tried to hug her but she pushed him away gently.

“I’ve missed you too.” she gave him a small smile. “So what’s up with your husband?”

“He was in an acc!dent and now he’s on a wheelchair so I have to be with him 24/7.”

“What are you? His nurse?” Adnan frowned. “He’s still my husband Adnan.” he hissed.

“And the divorce?”

“I have the papers with me but I can’t possibly tell him to sign them in this condition. When he’s fine, I’ll give them to him.”

“Good, I’ve really missed you though.” he said and she hummed.

“I got you something.” he said, bringing a gift bag from the backseat.

“What’s in it?” Yusrah asked.

“Open.” she opened it and a frown made it’s way to her face.

“I can’t accept these, they’re too expensive.” she shook her head.

“So? You’re worth it.”


“No, take it.” he shook his head and smiled. Yusrah frowned. “And what will I tell Masoud?”

“He doesn’t have to know.” She took the gift bag from him and came down from the car.

“Thanks, and bye.” she smiled. “See you soon.” he blew her a kiss and drove off.

She went back inside the house with the gift bag in her hand. “Oh, he even got you a gift bag. What’s in it?” Masoud asked. She handed it to him and he raised a brow.

“An expensive watch and a Miss Dior perfume. Classy.” he nodded and handed it to her.

“You can keep them, just this once. I don’t want you collecting gifts from men.” he said. “Men? It’s just Adnan.” Yusrah shrugged.

“To be honest? I don’t like that Adnan guy.” Masoud said. “He doesn’t like you either.” Yusrah replied.

“Of course he wouldn’t.” Masoud snarled. Yusrah sighed and went upstairs to keep her gifts on her dresser, then changed into her pajamas. When she was done, she went down to meet Masoud.

“Really?” he smirked, looking at her pajamas. “What?” she looked at herself and back at him.

“Sponge Bob, really?” he laughed. “Please, I’m just 19. Still a teenager duh!” she rolled her eyes.

“You’re a married woman.” he corrected her. “Tssk, whatever.”

“You look nice by the way.” he said, bringing out his iPhone 14 Promax. “I always look nice.” Yusrah flipped her imaginary hair.

“Tell that to my Snapchat.” he laughed, taking a video of her.

“Wallahi Masoud you’re d£ad!” she shrieked childishly, covering her face.

“Come on! Let my friends see your face.” he chuckled.

“No, stop the video!” He stopped recording her and watched it before posting with the caption #MyWife is such a baby at times.

“Let me see.” Yusrah said, walking over to him. He opened his story and showed it to her.

“This is so embarr.assing.” she said, face palming herself.

“It’s cute Yussy.” She cringed at the nickname. “Yussy?”

“Yes, Yussy.” he replied, taking her palm in his. “Why are you…?” she trailed off.

“Holding your hand?” he completed her question. “Yes.” she answered.

“Because you’re my wife and I get to hold you whenever I feel like.”

“Stop all this Masoud.” she said, retracting her hand.

“Why should I?” he asked, pulling her to him. “I don’t want all this. It feels wrong.” she answered.

“Wrong? I’m your husband Yusrah.”

“You and I can never really be husband and wife Masoud, remember?” she asked seriously.

“I know I said that before but I was just plain stup!d. I didn’t know how much of a good person you actually were.”

“And now you do?” she asked. “Yes. I’m sorry about everything.”

“Stop all this drama Masoud.”

“Is this about Adnan?” he asked, hurł evident in his voice.

“Nothing is about Adnan. He’s just a friend, don’t you understand?”

“No I don’t, make me.”

“You’re too much, I’m going to bed.”

“It’s just 6:00pm and your favourite show, Love Look What You Made Me Do (Pyaar tune kya kiya) starts in an hour.” he replied.

She looked at the clock and sighed, knowing she couldn’t afford to miss it.

“I’m sorry.” he added.

“Never mind. I forgive you just because you reminded me of my favourite show.” she replied, holding back a smile.

“Let it out Yussy.” Masoud chuckled. She broke into a smile and wheeled him to sit beside her as they waited for it to start. And when it started, they watched it together, not knowing when they fell asleep together on the couch.


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