Avoid Dealing With The Wrong People


Avoid dealing with the wrong people otherwise by the time you meet the right one you’ll be too tired to trust them. Don’t get emotionally involved with people just anyhow. Exercise emotional hygiene and stop letting people shove their dirty hands into your heart. Install what they install in shops: barriers and glasses to display their ‘character’ or stocks within a safe distance. This way they can interrogate all interested people and only give those who qualify access to their wares after they’ve paid the price.
You cannot be opening your heart to everyone who comes into your life. The poor heart cannot survive such an unmeasured exposure. Display your nature with a safe distance. Learn new people from a glass screen. Some people carry bad odors and energies and a brief access can pollute your internal atmosphere for a long time. So it’s better to vet them from outside and preserve access only to the one who will pass the test.


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