Details Of Uhuru Kenyatta’s Businesses, Wahome Thuku Reveals


ONE reason I give a Hi 5 to the Kenyatta Family is because as much as possible, their businesses either designed to provide market for the small farmers or they are way above the cut of the small people.

Brookside for example, collects and processes milk from villagers countrywide. Even before Uhuru was in power Brookside was still the stop point for millions of farmers.

They are into banking which is a service business that’s not for you and I. Even in their farming, they are into top grade doper sheep for export and tree growing and such..which are not competing with my auntie in the village.

I hear when they grow maize, it’s for resale as hybrid seeds. What I mean is that they will not SO MUCH compete with you. And I am not saying there are no instances when you and them meet at the market.

WILLIAM on the other hand is farming anything and everything as I told you. William has no market for anyone. Tell me anything that a villager can sell to William except votes and brains.

He has farms everywhere and he is getting more. He is directly in market place with Wanjiku. Imagine meeting with a president in the market. You will meet with him at the NCPB and his maize will go on first. You will meet at KMC in Athi River.

You will meet at the eggs market. You will meet with him at the honey market. I don’t know if he grows tobacco but there too he would meet with small guys. He is in matatu business.

As I said the goodness about being in power is that everything else flows. The best fertiliser will be delivered to his farms as the rest of the farmers get stones and dogs poop in NCPB bags. Damn you, he cares less. What you called Hybrid seeds will be delivered to his land as you get River Road pointed seeds. Like he cares.

William has no challenges in his farming. William is in market with you but not in competition with you. Thats why he can’t understand what you go through. He can’t know that to get a pick up of onion from Nyandarua to Nairobi, you have to bribe 25 police roadblocks before facing cartels at the market. I wish William would know that but he cant.


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