1. Making fun of a man who opens up about his pain. This leads to men pretending they are OK.
  2. Pursuing the woman of your fellow male friend.
  3. Introducing each other to destructive and wasteful habits.
  4. Buying each other alcohol but cannot support each other with capital to boost a business or with food when in need
  5. Pulling married men away from their home to do things that break homes
  6. Adding each other to Telegram, Facebook and WhatsApp groups where lust and lewd talk is entertained. Degenerating the mind and values
  7. Introducing side chicks to each other so that the men who are cheating are not cheating alone
  8. Covering each other’s bad behaviour instead of correcting each other with brotherly love
  9. Mocking men who are working on growing spiritually. Leading to men shying away from spiritual growth
  10. Avoiding a fellow man as soon as he shares his challenges. Leading to rejection
  11. Gossiping about each other. Yes, men gossip too
  12. Discouraging each other from pursuing great ambitions. A lot of men have that mindset of “If I will be average, let’s be average together”
  13. Insulting fellow men who hold a different political or ideological view in the name of “debating”. A lot of men are silently hurting because of all the trash talk going on especially online. Sadly, insulted men end up insulting others and the cycle continues
  14. Using each other to gain financial or professional success. Too many shallow friendships with opportunistic agendas
  15. Making fun of each other’s penis – the number one organ men are self conscious of
  16. Failing to advise each other to make better decisions before old age catches up. A lot of men in their old age wish they new some important truths.
  17. Failing to warn a fellow brother who is walking into danger because many men have that mentality of “it’s none of my business”. Save a brother the same you will love to be saved.
  18. Harboring unforgiveness. Some men are holding lifetime grudges against each other ruining destiny connections
  19. Thinking that the might of a man is seen in violence and intimidation leading to men beating or threatening each other. Violence is never the answer.

Remember: One of our obligations is to help other people in crises, financial, emotional or physical needs. To let the people rise up from down..God bless us all.


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