Woman who lost job for refusing to sleep with her supervisor now his boss after govt hired her


If you have never paid special attention to the old saying that what goes around comes around, then this story is a must-read for you.It is a real-life story showing how quickly circumstances can change and land you in sticky spots, and only your deeds will dictate whether you survive or perish.

Nairobi – After June Mwakio* graduated from university, she was among the few people who landed good jobs just a few months after graduation. She never tarmacked like many other college graduates who spend years looking for jobs with little or no success.

With her vibrant skills in ICT and health, she was quickly hired by an NGO that was delivering health services to slum dwellers. Her salary was good; KSh 230,000 monthly is a rare figure even for many professors, doctors and engineers in Kenya.

Apart from that, she was also vocal about women’s empowerment and matters of climate change and this gave her some little limelight in the political realms.Her work at the NGO was well spelt out.

To create reports, implement a few projects and coordinate field work, duties that she did diligently. However, she did not know that the hiring manager who ensured she got the job had ulterior motives.

Caleb was present in all the interviews that Mwakio attended, and after seeing her credentials and beauty, he laid a perfect plan with the hopes of getting between her legs.Every day when Mwakio reported to work, the boss would come into her office to check on her, but as time went by, it became too much.

Caleb overstepped and started telling her how beautiful she was and how he fantasized about having her in bed someday.

This pissed off Mwakio, but she had no option but to try to ignore him. She reported him to some female managers, but it seemed that they were all under his command and influence.“Just do it once; you will not die. Do you want to lose your job?

Where will you find another job like this, think my dear,” one of the lady managers told her.One day, Caleb came to her office and told her that later that evening they should go out for coffee.

True to his word, when 5pm clocked, he waited for Mwakio and took her out, though Mwakio was trying to approach the whole situation cautiously.

“During our meal, he made his intentions clear. He claimed that he had booked a room in the posh hotel and he wanted us to make love that night. The following day was a public holiday. His plan seemed very strategic.


But I refused,” narrated Mwakio. After the holiday, Mwakio offered that when she reported back to work. She was met with a big shocker. A meeting had been organized to end her contract.The management claimed that she had shared private company information with third parties and that she had used her officer laptop to steal cash from the finance department.

“To my surprise, there was evidence to all the claims. In as much as it was all fabricated, it was very convincing to anyone who would have been told the story for the first time. That was my last day in the office, and I was served with my dismissal letter,” she continued. Life became tough.

She was back to square zero. She, however, had some little savings that pushed her, but they did not last long. She took longer than she expected to find a job.The bank came for the car and house that she had bought through bank finance.

She was in a rough patch.Some of the female colleagues bluntly told her that she was the cause of her predicament for refusing to sleep with the boss.“You made your bed; now sleep on it,” they mocked her.When life got very tough, she knew she had to act.

One of her college mates advised her to seek the advice of Mugwenu Doctors who had helped her secure a job after two years of tarmacking.She was reluctant, but she knew she had nothing to lose, so she took a leap of faith.

Mwakio reached out to the specialists on +254740637248. They welcomed her and comforted her for her situation.“They were very warm. I nearly shed a tear because of the warm hospitality.

For a moment, I forgot that I was the one in need of help,” she commented.The herbalist performed special rituals on Mwakio to cleanse any negative energy from her that was creating hell in her career.

They gave her a special talisman to attract good luck and expand the horizons of her career life. Mugwenu Doctors told her to continue applying for jobs and promised good news in a few days’ time.“That week, while I was at my salon where I was hustling.

I received a call from state house operatives. They said they were interested in my credentials and my passion for women.They said the Department of Gender wanted to gazette my name in the list of appointees for the position of communication assistant.

They just needed to know if I was interested. I could not refuse. A government job comes with a lot of security. And that is how I became a civil servant in the department of gender,” she narrated. The job is paying slightly lower, but KSh 170,000 for a jobless person is a jackpot.

Few weeks at the ministry, Mwakio says she was surprised to see Caleb. He had applied for some role and was lucky to be accepted as an ICT technician.

This meant he was going to report to Mwakio.On doing some background checks, she came to learn that the NGO closed two years after Mwakio was pushed out by the immoral Caleb.Caleb is now a junior to the same woman he mistreated and wanted to use as a sex slave.

Mwakio is confused about what to do with the man. She is wondering whether to expose him but is remorseful that his two children in primary school will suffer if their father is rendered jobless.

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