Woman says she thought by getting into marriage it would have at least saved her family from poverty but things turned messy as she went through humiliation from her husband


A woman by the name Irene- not her real name shared her story on how she opted for marriage as a result that she had come from such a humble background and that would at least save her family from this kind of life.

As she said, she got connected to this man through her relatives. She had never dated as just after she was through with her education, a man was ready to marry her and because of her family background, she would not resist as that would have saved her family from poverty.

As she said, the man was rich and the first days that the two had been in marriage, he was really a caring and loving man. “Just after we had lived for two months together, that was when I realized he was an animal. He would come home drunk with another woman. Each time I tried to intervene he would cause chaos and beat me up. I had nowhere to run to as my parents would tell me to stick in that particular marriage,” she said. She also showed scars and all forms of dents as a result of the humiliation she underwent from her husband.

Many were the times she was left in the house with nothing to even feed on, despite her husband’s financial power. She says through her friend she was told about this herbalist by the name Dr Mugwenu located in Majengo Town Vihiga County Western Kenya. This man had brought happiness into other marriages and this was the only chance she would use to change her husband for the sake of having a successful marriage life.

Dr Mugwenu casted successful peaceful marriage spells. To add on that she says this herbalist told her that he told her that he exercises doctor-patient confidentiality and neither her records, files nor identity would be shared to a third party nor made public unless on her own volition if she decided to give a testimony. Her husband completely changed to a loving and caring man.

There were no more violence instances in their marriage. She says at least she would eat and sleep well as she now felt she was in a marriage and not in prison.  Many others who have been assisted by Dr Mugwenu says that they have received powerful healing and are now living with nothing to worry about. Mugwenu doctors, for instance, say one of their greatest attributes is distance healing.

They will work together with you, but detachment sis the key to success during this healing process. You must be in quiet place and detach yourself from everything around you. This is very important because your body must connect with the healing elements.“You do not have to visit Dr Mugwenu to have your problem solved as it does not matter where you are geographically as we can successfully assist you through distance healing”So should you find that you are not at peace with yourself and people surrounding you or should you find that things are not working as you want them to be, just connect with Mugwenu Doctors on +254740637248  or visit https://mugwenudoctors.com.


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