Woman Living in Haunted Kiambu House Says Spirits  Touched Her Breasts at Night


Ruiru – Would you live in a house that is haunted by a vengeful spirit? That is the question that John Mwigi and his wife Amina had to face when they bought a home with a sizeable compound and a well-furnished bungalow four-bedroom house along the eastern by pass in Ruiru, Kiambu county.

They paid KSh 9m for the house, which seemed like a bargain for such a spacious and beautiful property.

They moved in with their one child, who had just joined grade 5, and they were happy to have finally settled near Nairobi and said goodbye to paying rent.

The year was early 2022, and they were looking forward to a peaceful and prosperous life in their new home.

However, they soon realized that something was terribly wrong with the house. Unlike in many other African setups where neighbours are attracted to new people in their locations, Mwigi’s case was different.

His neighbours seemed distant and some appeared like people who feared them.

Wife kills husband, House becomes Haunted

The man of the house gathered courage and asked one of the local boda boda men why they were receiving such a cold reception.

What he was told shook him.“Inasemekana iyo nyumba mmenunua iko na majini, the last person aliishi hapo alitoka mbio saana.

Hata vitu hakubeba, alituma tuu watu mwezi mmoja baadaye wakakuja wakahamisha vitu vyake,” Mwigi quoted the boda man. In short, he was informed that the house was haunted and that the last occupant was tormented by the said spirits.


“I did not believe them. Having stayed in Mombasa for five years, I have heard such stories and none of them ever seemed real. I took it as a joke,” Mwigi continued, saying he dismissed the case as a scare tactic.

He thought that maybe the neighbours were jealous of his success or wanted to scare him away from the house. He decided to ignore them and focus on his family and his work. But he soon regretted his decision.

Three months into their stay, things started getting weird, but prior to that, the young boy in the house could always claim he saw someone in the sitting room, in the corridors and also at the balcony.

He said that the person was a man with a beard and a hat who looked angry and sad at the same time. He said that the man would stare at him and then disappear.

Mwigi and Amina thought that their son was just imagining things or trying to get attention. They told him to stop making up stories and to focus on his studies.

But the boy was not lying. It all appeared like a Hollywood horror movie. The wife claimed that her underwear were always getting lost. At some point, she even thought her hubby was pranking her but he confessed he had no hand in the disappearance of the undies.

Amina could also feel someone touching her at night, especially on days when her hubby was not at home or came in late.She said that the touch was cold and rough, and that it made her feel violated and scared.

She said that she could hear a voice whispering in her ear, saying things like “You are mine” and “You will pay”.This caused them to start believing there was something negative about the house.

The situation continued to get out of hand, dishes could be broken when they were asleep. Furniture could be moved or overturned.

Doors could slam shut or open by themselves. Lights could flicker or go off. The TV could switch channels or turn on and off.

They also started having nightmares where they would see the same man that their son described, who would chase them, threaten them, or hurt them.They would wake up screaming, sweating, and shaking.

They realized that they were not safe in the house, and that they had to do something about it.They installed CCTV to try and see what was wrong. They even reinforced their doors, but this did not work.

The CCTV showed a very blurry figure moving, but it was not clear enough to identify it.They called in a local priest and a prophet for some prayer, but this did not work either. The prayers seemed to anger the spirit more, and it became more violent and aggressive.

They tried to sell the house, but no one was interested. They tried to move out, but they could not find another place to stay. They felt trapped and helpless.

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They performed a healing ritual in the house, purged it of the evil curse, which they said was caused after the owner of the house was poisoned by his wife.“This brought about a restless spirit that was stuck in the compound.

It was seeking revenge but was also fighting the urge to resist any form of harm to the living. Using my over 25 years of experience, we helped the spirit cross over and the family can now rest, even the neighbours can’t believe how the family has been able to live here peacefully without an incident in 2023,” said Mugwenu.

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