Why You Should Not Advertise Your Relationship Quickly


Keep your relationship private till the final stages leading to Marriage. Advertising premature relationships will expose your Relationship to terminators that will kill it early and mind you we are now living in a world where ‘Fake’ is now real thing – fake friends, fake besties, fake smiles, fake people and the list goes on.

Some individuals will come pretending to love you and showing interest in your relationship matters but all they want is to set you on fire to keep themselves warm. Don’t sell yourself out, not everyone smiling around you wants you to be happliy married.

Privacy is protection, never advertise premature relationships. Today people look at you like you are into fornication and prostitution because they are aware of all the five last relationships you have been in because you couldn’t keep them as a secret. And it’s hard to break a relationship after you have advertised it even after finding out that you are involved with a terrible person. Keep your relationship private is for your own protection my beloved don’t be excited in ignorance, you don’t know who you are dating yet.

Grow your Relationship patiently in the secret place until it reaches ultimate maturity and strength, until you are ready to get married, until the bride price is fully paid that’s when you can announce it.

If you are not familiar with these words please go and ask the elders in the Marriage committee they will attest to this Truth.


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