Why Is $éx Easier In The Beginning Than In A Long Term Relationship


One of the leading answers is anger. It’s not very easy to have $x or want $x from someone that you are angry with.

And in many relationships there are a lot of stored anger that neither couple know is there. That anger has come from micro and small incidences of disappointments.

Not calling, not picking calls, not laughing to her/his jokes, no appreciation, no generosity and many other of these small things gets stored up and the result of too much of these will make you furious, but you won’t know you are furious because the mind is always not obvious to itself.

Constant communication, getting to know what your partner thinks and feels, being genuinely sorry and always forgiving will go a long way to unburden and get rid of that anger in you and in your partner.

Everyone is beautiful inside and out, it’s only that our minds gets corrupted by our expectations, fears and uncertainty, until we lose attraction on our partners, but with good communication with your person, that beauty and attraction will never fade.


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