Why Iran Have Launched Attack To Israel


World War 3???
Whatever happens in the United States affects even the villager in Hawinga in South West Alego.
Well apart from the spiritual reasons, my logical explanation was that Biden was not himself. He was a puppet of certain interests. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.

Just like Raila was a puppet of the Mt Kenya billionaires.
Biden was chosen because of his advanced age, something that favors the interests. The war industry in the US is worth trillions and the War in Ukraine has made certain people to join the multi billionaire club.

This morning Iran has launched war against Israel…. This follows the killing of Iranian Generals by Israeli bombs.
Before doing that Iran had been sponsoring the hijacking of Ships around Yemen by Houthi Rebels, but yesterday they took over the terrorism themselves and the Iranian Forces started hijacking Ships around the Red Sea.

How does that affect you…..

  1. Delay in Fertilizer and Grains from Russia, Egypt and Europe….
  2. Increase of cost of goods since Ships will have to use the South African route, taking an extra month on the way compared to the short cut through the Suez Channel and Red Sea.
  3. Obvious rise in Fuel prices….

Now do you see the danger of electing someone who is not in control as President?
This is what nearly happened in Kenya… And to you who voted for Raila… I will keep telling you “shame on you”! You would have led to disaster, just like the Biden reign has brought disaster to the world.

Meanwhile, wake up and pray for the end of World War 3. And hopefully things will not get bad before November when Trump takes over power and restores peace across the world.


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