Life was really hard for him in the morning.

Hard. Meaning he woke up with an erection.

He looked at his wife, sleeping in that near darkness light. She looked so peaceful.

He kissed her on her arms. A woman loves it when kissed deep in her sleep.

He kissed her going down on her elbows.

His hands gently surveyed the curves of her thighs.

The survey concluded impressive results, even in this new day, she is still a sexy lady.

He kissed her down, going to her navel.

She moved. Like a Queen, his kisses awoke her from her slumber.

She saw him, felt him planting kisses on her tummy.

“Good morning love” she smiled.

She smiled because last night she slept feeling loved by him. You know you are a good husband when your wife wakes up feeling safe.

“Good morning” he said as he lifted up his head.

He kissed her on her neck; there, just the way she likes it.

“You slept well?” He asked.

“Yes I did my love, thank you. You?” She asked, gently giving into his kisses on her neck.

“I did. To wake up beside you is the highest honour for me” he told her.

Just like that, his words opened her heart even more, he touched a deep part of her. Why? Because women fall in love with words. Words of affection are the keys to a woman’s core.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed his kisses.

His hands held her cheeks us he kissed her.

“My love” she whispered as their lips part.

His hands felt her shoulders, then made a journey to her chest.

Her rubbed the two erect grapes on her two full coconuts.

All she could do was tremble and sigh.

His hands felt her waist, felt the her hands.

He gently led her to turn to reveal her back.

He kissed her there.

He planted kisses on her back, south he went to where her sitting allowance rises.

He paused and looked at her. He checked out her body.

She turned her head to face him.

She felt it. A woman loves it when her husband looks at her with desire.

“You look so beautiful” he told her.

She smiled, “Thank you”

He kissed both her butt cheeks. Kissed her inner thighs.

Kisses down low on her knees.

He touched her fine legs.

Her stretch marks are still visible, he finds those marks beautiful.

After three pregnancies and weight gain, she is pleased that he still finds her sexy.

He gently lifted her.

She was now in a bending position.

He was behind her. Behind every loved up wife, is a husband who wants to do doggy.

He found the spot, her wet opening.

In he went. Deeper he thrust.

She closed her eyes, taking in all his length.

Her body became a collection of pleasure.

While at it he touched her, held her waist as he explored her.

The exploration led to an explosion.

Clinging to the bed sheets, she reached the peak of Mount O.

He poured his husband juice in her hidden pot.

They collapsed on the bed. Sweat.

He looked at him. Peaceful.

She kissed him.

“I love you” he told her.

“I love you too” she told him as she laid her head on his chest.

She felt safe in his presence as she tucked to rest his fallen commando that worked hard inside her a few minutes ago.

They laid there, naked as husband and wife; as he kept complimenting her body, her spirit, her mind and her heart.

He touched not just her body, but her inner being too.

So husband, who is touching your wife?

Your wife has been faithful to you, do you make her enjoy being faithful?

Her body belongs to only you. If her skin, her lips, her body, her inner world feels untouched, you have failed.

So many wives feel unattractive, self conscious and they struggle with their self esteem because their husbands don’t make them feel beautiful and desired. Yes, she is the mother of your children, but she wants you to make her feel like a woman. Yes, you have seen her nakedness countless of times, but she wants you to long for her afresh. She needs you to unwrap her body and get to her center, her heart, her core, her spiritual mystery.

In the Scriptures, on lovemaking, it is recorded that “Abraham knew his wife”, may it be recorded in Heaven that you “Know your wife”

Make your wife feel touched. Touch her body, on your way to touching her soul.

In the love book called GOOD SEX BAD SEX, I reveal how to get the most out of intimacy and also show what happens when you abuse, misuse or use sex wrongly.

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