When You Help Your Partner, This Is What Happens


When you help your partner, you’re helping YOURSELF


1) You will ALWAYS benefit from helping your Partner. Directly, or Indirectly.

For example, as a Man, if you decide to cook, you’re not just helping your Wife, you’re also helping yourself. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more interesting stories.

Won’t you eat the food too?

As she’s happy you helped her cook and now well rested, won’t she reciprocate later on in one way OR THE OTHER (clears throat)?

If you bath the kids, are they not your kids?

As a Woman, if you support in paying bills, you’re helping yourself.

The Home is for you too.

2) Because the both of you are ONE, it simply follows that anything you do to/for your partner you’ve done to/for Yourself.

So if I help my wife, have I not helped my self?

Since my Wife is Me and I am Her?

Seeing your partner as a different entity from you will lead you to damage your marriage one way or the other.
Some times, we deny ourselves certain blessings and benefits because we are too busy defining and focusing gender roles and individualism instead of being led by LOVE instead of LAW.

One of the reasons many Marriages crash?

It’s his responsibility (he MUST do it, I won’t help him out)

It’s her duty (she MUST do it, I won’t help her out)

It’s a Man’s job (I WILL NOT do it no matter what)

It’s a Woman’s job. (I WILL NOT do it, no matter what)
Change your Mindset.
You’re not doing your partner a favor, You’re ONE.


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