1. “Kissable lips”
    The kind that makes the man torn between paying attention to what she is saying or kissing her while in the middle of a conversation. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.
  2. “A touchy back”
    The kind that invites him. How a lady walks, bends, sits is something she can teach herself. The female back should be one that calls out for his touch whether she wears a bare back, a blouse or a blazer
  3. “A decorated voice”
    Speech and the way she breathes while talking makes a woman sexy. Her tone and adorned way of saying words makes him want to call her phone, hook up with her, have pillow talks with her or just listen
  4. “A strong self esteem”
    A woman can be shy or bold; but if she has a strong self esteem, that makes her sexy. She looks at herself and sees sexiness. A woman who doesn’t see her beauty or puts herself down is unattractive. It’s not about being full of pride or conceited, but knowing your beauty and value
  5. “Decent dressing”
    Some think dressing semi nude or showing every skin to every one and anyone makes one sexy. Revealing too much makes people lust after you and use you but to be sexy should be a special thing. A man should see you and want to unveil, not just to sleep with you but to know you, have you, keep you and hide all that sexiness to himself. A woman decently dressed not only evokes a sexy vibe but commands respect
  6. “Exciting dressing”
    It’s not enough to dress just decent, decent doesn’t mean boring. Whether she wears first hand clothes or second hand, whether her wardrobe is full or with few choices; she should wear in a way that excites visually. She can choose a long fitting dress, a stylish top, a just-enough slitted skirt, an alluring sweater, yummy lingerie; and look good!
  7. “Self love”
    A woman who loves herself is super sexy. She takes care of her body, monitors her health, eats right, sprays nice perfumes, works out; not primarily for the man, but for herself, the special man only gets to enjoy the byproduct of the love she has for herself
  8. ‘Faithfulness”
    Sexiness is divided into three: the outside sexiness which is visible for all to see in her; the unfolding sexiness which she progressively reveals to the man who is making progress to winning her heart; and the inner sexiness which she fully and wholly reveals the most private, kinky, most intimate and most passionate self to the man who completely has her heart. Both the unfolding and the inner sexiness should be exclusive. She being faithful to that one man heightens her sexiness. Sexiness is special when its rare
  9. ‘A playful nature”
    Sexiness is like a dance, a stimulant. She should have that suggestive laughter, undressing eyes, wild stare, teasing tendencies; sexiness doesn’t come out when you’re uptight
  10. “Her right view about sex”
    Yes, a woman may have been hurt by matters sex in the past, maybe raped, or maybe scared to let a man approach her intimate side. Whatever negative thoughts she may have acquired she should unlearn them. A woman who has already sentenced sexiness to be an evil and dirty thing, robbing her the beauty of her sexiness is not attractive
  11. “Her unique romance”
    Every lady has her unique way of romancing; some could be how she whispers, the words she uses, the little surprises she plans, her touch; a woman must know how best to turn on and express her sexiness
  12. “Highlighting her best assets”
    Almost all ladies love every part of their body; but there are special parts that stand out: it could be her boobs, her butt, her hips, her eyes, her hair, her feet, her waist. The lady should be aware of her best assets and flaunt them
  13. “The right perfume”
    The sweeter her scent, the more he is pulled to her
  14. “The friends she keeps”
    A sexy woman who hangs around women of good morals is more sexy than one whose closest friends are cheats, gossips, flirts and husband snatchers
  15. “Her character”
    Physical sexiness gets the attention of a man, but character makes him want to keep her as a whole. Sexiness is not just in looking good but being good. A woman who is loving, respectful, full of life, understanding and beautiful inside makes the man want her more

16.”Her courage to talk about sex”
There are women who find sex as a taboo to talk about even with her husband. This is a major turn off. The man wants to engage his woman freely, to tell her she is sexy and not feel like he has done an abomination, to talk intimate stuff with her, to have private sex talks with her where they can talk openly about their thoughts on sex, preferences, contraceptives, fantasies; without any no go zones

  1. “Her surrender to her desires”
    A wife who is not ashamed to initiate sex from her husband is such a turn on. Men love being seduced, so it’s a wonderful gift when the woman who seduces him is his
  2. “Her desire to please and learn”
    A woman who is not selfish is sexy. She also tells her man that he is sexy, when her hubby is making love to her, she makes love to him too. It’s not just about her. She doesn’t say ‘It’s solely the man’s role to initiate sex, lead sex and take me on a high” She encourages her hubby to please her but also learns his body because she wants to please him too
  3. “Her mind”
    A smart woman is super sexy. She opens up her lips and intelligence flows out, she is a wonder, she is the kind he wants to be around and explore

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