What Happened At The End Of The Match Between Bayern Leverkusen And Weirder Bremen


For the first time in history, Leverkusen fans announced the end of the match instead of the referee, in a strange scene that became the talk of the entire world.
Watch the wonder that happened: Minute 88: Bayer Leverkusen leads 4-0 over Werder Bremen, and with this result Leverkusen is the champion of the German League, but what happened at the end of the match is the most amazing thing.

Minute 89: Leverkusen player Wirtz scored the fifth goal and everyone was waiting for the final whistle to be blown by the referee, but the fans decided to end the match in this strange way that became the talk of the hour in Germany.
The entire crowd took to the field and celebrated with Wirtz and Xabi Alonso for winning the German League in an indescribable historical moment.
The match referee did not understand or comprehend what the Bayern Leverkusen fans did at this moment and announced the end of the match before the match reached the 90th minute in a shot that will be immortalized in football history.
Watch the wonder that happened from the Bayer Leverkusen fans after scoring the fifth goal and the crazy, hysterical joy of Xabi Alonso with the fans and players after Leverkusen achieved the league for the first time in its history. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.


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