Vijana Tuache Pressure, See Mulamwah And His Lover Ruth K In Their New Mercedes Benz Car


Mulamwah is a very exceptional celebrity in Kenya.
He doesn’t have the pressure that other celebrities have in showing off.
Mulamwa is very humble, very real, not faking anything.
Since mulamwa introduced Ruth K to Kenyans ,things really changed and Kenyans were happy.
Kenyans have embraced both mulamwa & Ruth K.
Mulamwa lived a simple life in a BEDSITTER despite having money.
He was never ashamed of it
Ruth was also simple, she didn’t mind much about how mulamwa is living, she was always in the village being that village girl and she really enjoyed.
One thing about mulamwa, he is just him, he is mulamwa, he doesn’t fake anything.
The blessing of buying E class mercedes was timely.
Mulamwa has a massive mansion in the village worth millions.
Vijana tuwache pressure! God will bless you when your time come
Ruth was a blessing to mulamwa.

God bless this family.


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