Update: Details Of CS Kindiki’s 6am Meeting In Kericho County Today


the interior cabinet secretary professor Kithure Kindiki today began his day at 6am in Kericho County where he held a meeting with top security leaders ahead of the illicit brew mission. According to the cabinet secretary, he revealed the government will make sure the illicit brew is stopped in the whole country.

Kithure Kindiki

MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2024

The manufacture, sale and consumption of illicit alcohol and narcotic drugs is an existential National Security threat that the Government is determined to permanently eradicate, by suppressing the supply chain for the dangerous substances.

Security managers at all levels countrywide are directed to ensure strict compliance and enforcement of the 25-point policy and operational guidelines issued by the Government on March 6, 2024 and will be held individually liable for any failure in eradication of poisonous and toxic substances within their jurisdictions.

Kithure Kindiki

Held an early morning consultative forum with Kericho County Security and Intelligence Committee led by County Commissioner Gabriel Kitiyo on the Nationwide Crackdown on manufacture, distribution, sale and consumption of illicit liquor, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

The security team is also tasked to reign in on incidents of disorderly conduct in political meetings, conclude investigations and apprehend the organisers, financiers and perpetrators of hooliganism in the County, regardless of their political or social standing”, Kithure Kindiki said.

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