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Becky doesn’t want to wait any longer. She reports back to work. But Bossy advises her to stay home until she sorts out her issues with Junior. Don’t forget to download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.

However, Becky insists that she will not be at peace. She insists that she wants to work for him. Bossy gives in and she gets back to work.

Junior is drunk already, inside an abandoned house. He recalls the many times Becky reassured him that she loves him with all her heart. How she convinced him to move in with her for a second time.

How she vowed that it’s now the two against the world. How she promised to be truly on and by his side against all odds. How they devised ways to get Trisha out of their lives.


Becky calls him, and he asks her to stop calling.

BECKY: Junior, najua umejam na mimi, but please naomba utulie, upigie Hakim umuombe msamaha. Please, I beg you.

JUNIOR: Is that guy next to you? Go next to him, put the phone on Loudspeaker so I can make it clear to both of you that I don’t need that job, and he (Hakim) can have you.

BECKY: Junior nitakwambia mara ngapi ni wewe tu ndiye napenda Na mimi napigania hii job juu yetu na mtoto wetu (Jeff). Ama humjali?

On hearing about his son Jeff, Junior is about reconsiders his stance. However, before he can respond, Hakim walks into the kitchen and has listened to the phone conversation.

Becky is not happy that Bossy amejua ako na mtoto. Even worse for her, hajakata simu, and Junior hears her apologizing to Bossy that she didn’t say she has a child. This makes Junior more furious!

Becky walks outside to the Boss to apologize for lying again, this time about having a child.

BECKY: Boss, please usinifute kazi

HAKIM: Becky I already knew you have a baby. You confessed it inside when you were drunk. And the fact that you had to lie about Junior confirms that you really love him. But it can also mean something very different. Who am I to judge? But I hope that you are not with Junior just because of the baby.

BECKY: I swear napenda Junior, ni vile tu niliogopa kukwambia hautaona need ya kumpea job.

HAKIM: Nakuelewa. I chose to lead a very single life. But kwa hii dunia hakuna kitu naogopa kama wanawake.

BECKY: Mbona?

HAKIM: They never know what they want. And that makes them even more dangerous. (Drawing closer to her). But when I look at you Becky, you know exactly what you want.

Becky and Hakim get back to the living room for a cup of juice. Here, she opens up and narrates her entire life story. How she got pregnant as a teenager and was forced to drop out of school. Na vile ameteseka na mtoto, in Junior’s absence and in his presence. Hakim is impressed by the story.

HAKIM: Becky wewe tutakuita mwanamke bomba!

BECKY: (Smiling) Thanks kwa kuto-ni-judge.

HAKIM: I cant judge you. Everybody has a story to tell. Usione mtu anaishi maisha poa,, ako na familia yake. Kaa naye chini akwambie story yake. Watu huku nje wamekapitia. The most important thing is that, never let down your child.


BECKY: Siwezi, hata life ikuwe hard aje, siwezi. By the way thanks kwa kunipea nguvu. Sijui naweza kulipa aje haki.

HAKIM: Utanilipa vipi Becky? Labda uniombee Mungu.

BECKY: (Laughing) Usijali na hiyo, you will always be in my prayers.

HAKIM: And I was thinking about this. Kazi ya House Manager ni kazi poa. But I see you can do something different. Kama kazi ya Ofisi, Secretary, ama Personal Assistant. Kitu kama hiyo.

BECKY: Lakini hiyo nayo kama sina papers ni ngori.

HAKIM: Na nikikusaidia na hiyo? If I offer you a job in my company.

BECKY: Seriously? Ni idea poa, but naona kama inaweza leta issues na Junior.

HAKIM: What if Junior akubali kuendelea na kazi? Na wewe nikuandike kama Assistant wake. Naona hata hiyo itawaleta pamoja.

Before wafike kwa salary ya job mpya, Junior arrives at the gate. Hakim is not sure whether he has come to apologize, ama amemletea mangumi extra.

Sasa Becky ni Personal Assistant na Prayer Partner!


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