The Shocking Truth Behind Rápe Case That Sent Innocent Man to Jail for 17 Years


Nandi – James Kiptanui had a successful business and a loving wife, but his life turned upside down when he was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl.

He was sentenced to 17 years in prison, where he suffered unimaginable horrors. But he never gave up hope, because he knew he was innocent.The girl who accused him was actually one of the 10 kids he was sponsoring for education.

Her mother, Jackline, was his ex-lover who had dumped him years ago when he was struggling financially. She had married a wealthy drug dealer who later got arrested, leaving her alone with a child.

Jackline was jealous of Kiptanui’s success and wanted him back, but he had moved on and married a Maragoli lady called Mary Adagala. Jackline decided to take revenge on him by plotting a false rape accusation with her daughter.

Rape case concocted.They executed their plan 12 years ago, a week before school opening. Kiptanui had invited the 10 kids to his office to give them school fees, pocket money and a word of encouragement.

The girl, as instructed by her mom, stayed behind and pretended to seek more advice from him. She then made advances on him and touched him inappropriately, just as they had rehearsed. She then screamed, claiming that he had assaulted her.Kiptanui was shocked and confused.

He tried to explain that he had done nothing wrong, but it was too late. The police arrived and arrested him. He was taken to court, where he faced a biased judge who believed the girl’s testimony.

He was found guilty and sentenced to 17 years in prison.His wife, Mary, was devastated, but she never doubted his innocence. She stood by him and prayed for him every day. She visited him in prison whenever she could, and brought him food.

She also hired lawyers to appeal his case, but they were unsuccessful.Kiptanui endured nine years of hell in prison. He was beaten, abused and humiliated by the guards and the inmates. He was isolated and depressed. He missed his wife and his freedom.

He wondered if he would ever get out of there alive.But he never lost faith. He believed that one day, the truth would come out and he would be vindicated.

He hoped that the girl and her mother would confess their lies and set him free.His prayers were answered in a miraculous way.

His wife, who was losing patience and justice, heard about Mugwenu Doctors, a group of herbalists who had a powerful spell for release of prisoners.

They claimed that they could help anyone who was wrongfully jailed to get out of prison.Spells for release of prisoner, how do they work?Mary was sceptical, but she had nothing to lose. She contacted Mugwenu Doctors and explained her situation.

They told her that they could help her, but she had to follow their instructions carefully. They asked her to send them some details about her husband, the girl and her mother. They then told her to wait for two days and see what would happen.

Mary did as they told her and waited. She was amazed by what happened next. She received a phone call in October 2022 from the girl, who was as of then 21 years. She was crying uncontrollably.

She begged for forgiveness and confessed that she had lied about the rape. She said that her mother had forced her to do it, and that they had been suffering from nightmares and a strange voice telling them to confess.

She said that they were in pain and wanted to end their misery. Mary was shocked and relieved. She asked the girl to repeat her confession to the authorities.

The girl agreed and did so. They contacted Kiptanui and apologized. They said that they were sorry for ruining his life and hoped that he would forgive them.

The government conducted an investigation and verified the girl’s confession. They realized that Kiptanui was innocent and that he had been a victim of a malicious scheme.

They ordered his immediate release and cleared his name.It took nearly a year, but Kiptanui finally walked out of prison. He was greeted by his wife, who hugged him and kissed him.

He was also welcomed by his friends and for his homecoming. He was overwhelmed by joy and gratitude.Mugwenu Doctors spells make people confess truthThe story went viral and was even covered by international media.


Kiptanui thanked God and his wife for their love and faith. He also thanked Mugwenu Doctors for the intervention that forced the confession of the girl and her mother.Kiptanui said that he forgave them, but he regretted that they had wasted their lives.

The girl had dropped out of school after the incident and had not pursued any education or career.“I hoped they find peace and happiness,” Kiptanui concluded as tears dripped down his eyes.Mugwenu Doctors cast a business prosperity spell for him, and one year after his release, he is back in business.

His story contributed to propelling his business dreams in proportions never seen before.“We are even doing better even before the arrest. I don’t know if we would have ever reached here were it not for this case and the intervention by Mugwenu Doctors,” Adagala confessed.

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