The Importance Of Giving Your Spouse Eye Contact

  1. It encourages you to concentrate on what your spouse is saying, minimizing distractions
  2. It shows your spouse that you are listening, making your spouse feel heard
  3. It helps you notice things your spouse is not saying with words
  4. It encourages conversations because your spouse feels you are engaged
  5. You can tell whether your spouse needs to be kissed, hugged or held
  6. It encourages your spouse to open up deeper. Once your spouse notices you are engaged in the conversation, your spouse will share more with you beyond the pleasantries
  7. It communicates respect. When you look at other things when your spouse is talking it shows you are not bothered
  8. It teaches your children communication skills as they observe how you two talk to each other
  9. It prevents your spouse from feeling rejected. When you deny your spouse eye contact, your spouse feels not worthy enough to be looked at
  10. It trains you to put away the phone, a gagdet that has ruined communication in many marriages
  11. It increases the intimate connection
  12. It makes you value your spouse more and remember the blessing that you have. Some people cannot look their spouse in the eye because they feel guilty about the wrongs they have done or are doing

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