Taifa Leo Newspaper: Ruto Kupaa Tena


The Taifa Leo newspaper headline is about the president William Ruto’s trips which has now exceeded. According to the newspaper, the president William Ruto is again expected to travel to Japan just few days after he was in Rome, Italy.

According to the newspaper, the head of State has revealed that he will be jetting to Japan to look for job employment to young men and women who are currently suffering. The newspaper reports that the president William Ruto has travelled outside Kenya several times in a short period of time compared to other heads of States. The newspaper, reveals that it will be the fifty international travel in just 15 months of his leadership.

The head of State president William Ruto always travels abroad to look for job opportunities but unfortunately young men and women are still continuing to kill themselves due to high cost of living and lack of job. Let the president William Ruto focus on his country so that he can create job opportunities without walking outside the country.


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