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Taifa Leo Headline: Uchumi, Namna Ya Kujipanga

Raila In Trouble As Karua and Kioni's Plans Revealed

Raila In Trouble As Karua and Kioni's Plans Revealed


The Taifa Leo newspaper headline is talking about the cost of living which has gone high. According to the newspaper, it is now adviced that Kenyans should now use their money keenly so that they can live happily without struggling to get basic items like food, clothes and others.

This has come when the president William Ruto and his deputy president Rigathi Gachagua have revealed that the cost of living will be going down. Many Kenyans are now living in struggle as they cannot afford basic items for their children. The government of Kenya kwanza must work hard so tbag Kenyans can live in peace without having stress of getting money. The newspaper is now requesting Kenyans not to buy luxury items since it will not help them in this tough economy.

Despite that, let us work together so that our country can move forward in terms of development projects and get money. Have a good weekend.

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