STEVE ETYANG: How i make Kes 600,000 every month through Betting using this simple strategy. Anyone can try it and become a millionaire


In Kenya, unemployment rates have risen sharply alongside increasing living expenses. Numerous recent college graduates aspire to kick-start their careers immediately after graduation, but frequently find themselves unable to do so. Despite the typical outcome for most gamblers being monetary loss, 27-year-old Steven Etyang has managed to beat the odds and turn his unemployment into a substantial source of income through his Betting habit. He shares the journey of how he achieved his current success during our conversation.

“I’m Steve Etyang, aged 27, with a degree in actuarial science. Despite my qualifications, I struggled to secure a job, resorting to various odd jobs to sustain myself until I landed a position as a car wash attendant. Eager to boost my modest earnings, I ventured into Betting. Unfortunately, this decision led to significant losses, leaving me deeply troubled.

However, early last year, a friend introduced me to SokaFans, a remarkable prediction platform that has completely transformed my life. Unlike other costly tipster services, SokaFans offers users access to a diverse range of reliable tipsters who provide guaranteed odds at just Kes 50. Intrigued by this, I decided to give it a shot for a week. To my amazement, I won all my Bets every single day of that week, making me believe I had finally discovered a dependable prediction service,” he narrates.

“For the past fifteen months, I’ve been using SokaFans, and it has made a significant difference in my life. Starting with just Kes 200, I’ve now earned over Kes 12 million. Thanks to my Betting income, I’ve been able to achieve my dreams of owning a three-bedroom home, acquiring my dream car, and investing in real estate that generates substantial monthly returns. I cannot thank SokaFans enough for the incredible impact they’ve had on my life. If you’re a gambler and haven’t yet benefited from SokaFans, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity. I can confidently say that this prediction platform is genuine and reliable,” he adds.

If you wish to make some extra income through Betting, Visit SokaFans and Get Started. You will thank us later.


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