“She Wants To Come Back” Kipyegon Girlfriend Begs Him After Leaving For A Mubaba


Josphat Kipyegon Rono says he was left by her college girlfriend after she found another man who promised her a job. The man did not deliver on his promise, and the girl also found out the guy was married. The girl now wants to get back together with kipyegon.

If you were you, what will you do? Despite that, many ladies in the current generation are willing to leave their boyfriend who have come from far to a man who mostly is married. It is time for young girls to accept the situation and try to improve with their boyfriends who are developing. If it was me, I wouldn’t have accepted her ama Nimpatie mimba na nimuwache tena anyway Let’s Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and start posting amazing photos.


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