SÉE what Kakamega Pastor, PETER WAFULA did after winning Kes 30 Million Bet. Says everyone should find their way to heaven.


A Kakamega pastor named Peter Wafula shocked his followers by shutting his church and opening two nightclubs after winning a Kes 30 million Bet, in an unexpected turn of events. Later on, he told his followers to go to heaven on their own terms.

Many people’s responses were conflicted; some criticized the man of God for engaging in gambling, which goes against what Christianity teaches.

Pastor’s life was completely turned around when he placed a Bet on a well-known Betting website and unexpectedly won a sizable sum of money. He claims he will invest the remaining funds in other ventures after using the money to open two nightclubs.

Wafula credits SokaFans, a website that provides precise predictions, for his successful victory. The fact that this was his first attempt at gambling is even more remarkable.

When asked what the key to victory was, he responded as follows.

“After earning this enormous amount, I’m no longer as certain that gambling is harmful as I once was. I chose to try my luck as I could watch people winning millions of shillings practically every day. I learned about SokaFans, a fantastic prediction platform, through a friend. For just Kes 50, I purchased predictions, and when I bet and it won, I felt that I had discovered a reliable prediction site. For my part, I’ll keep Betting and, with SokaFans‘ assistance, I’m confident I’ll turn a profit,” he narrates.

If you are a gambler who has not been using SokaFans, then you are missing on a great opportunity to change your life for the better.

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