SÉE How Jobless Kenyans are making money online right now. Make Kes 20,000 every day at the comfort of your home. Young People are buying cars and house using this secret


Imagine owning a car and a house by the age of 25. There are Kenyans achieving exactly that, and the beauty of it is they’re doing it from the comfort of their homes while enjoying quality time with their families. I stand as a living testimony to that reality.

My name is Stephen Katuku, and I’m a young online entrepreneur at the age of 25. Alongside, I work as a full-time primary school teacher. When the pandemic hit and schools remained closed for almost 8 months, causing financial strain due to the lack of salaries, I began searching for online job opportunities that I could pursue from home during the lockdown.

One day, I received an invitation from a friend via WhatsApp to join an online job called Zumo News, and it completely transformed my life. Initially, I was quite skeptical about this opportunity, but after conducting thorough research on how Zurmo News operates and reading about its positive impact on people’s lives on social media, I decided to give it a try. Getting started was simple – all I needed was a laptop, internet connection, and an Mpesa line for receiving payments. I paid a one-time registration fee of Kes 1300 and immediately began working.

I received my first payment of Kes 48,000 after just one week of joining Zumo News, and within a month, I had already earned more than Kes 380,000 in clean money. At that point, I was genuinely excited because I could see that I had stumbled upon a legitimate online job. Six months later, I had accumulated more than Kes 2 million from this online job. While many other Kenyans were grappling with tough economic times, personally, I was enjoying my life, all thanks to Zumo News.

Jobs like Zumo News are truly making a difference in people’s lives, especially during this hard economic times when many have lost their jobs. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to earn extra income online, whether you’re unemployed or currently employed, as it doesn’t require much of your time. Personally, I’ve been able to buy my first car and am currently saving to build my dream home, all thanks to Zumo News. I work on Zumo News during my part-time hours, alongside my full-time job as a teacher, as it doesn’t consume much of my time. With just 1 hour a day dedicated to it, you can be guaranteed of earning Kes 10,000 every day or even more.

If you wish to make some good money online ,then Register on Zumo News and Get Started.


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