Ruto Defies Court Order On e-Citizen


The president William Ruto has again differed with the court’s ruling on the e-Citizen payment in schools. According to the people’s daily newspaper, the president William Ruto was given okay with the cabinet secretaries to allow the payment of school fees in schools using the e-Citizen.

This has come when the court stopped the use of e-Citizen payment in schools. The president William Ruto during the campaigns promised Kenyans that he will be obeying the courts rullings but unfortunately waters has turned to be wine in the government of Kenya kwanza. The cabinet secretaries have also given the education cabinet secretary Hon Ezekiel Machogu thirty days to implement the payment of e-Citizen in schools.

The president William Ruto revealed that the use of e-Citizen payment will eliminate unnecessary costs of paying the school fees in some schools. Despite that, it is time for the president William Ruto to respect the court rulings for our country to move forward in terms of democracy. What’s your thought on Ruto’s decision?


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