PETER KIHORO: How i make Kes 2 Million every month through Sport Betting at the age of 24. This is what i usually do


When you first meet Peter Kihoro, you might assume that he is the well-known person’s son, but that is untrue. From the comfort of his home, the 24-year-old has truly mastered the art of Betting, making millions each month. He claims that before he started gambling, things weren’t all that great, but that all turned for the better when he discovered SokaFans, a prediction platform, and that since then, nothing has been the same in his life. When we meet, he tells us about his path to success.

“After graduating from college and failing to find a fulfilling job, I turned to Betting as a way to supplement my income. I used to lose a lot, so my first trials weren’t excellent. Everything improved when I was introduced to SokaFans, an incredible prediction site, by a friend at the beginning of last year. On SokaFans, thousands of precise predictions are made every day, and nearly every one of them ends up winning. I chose to give SokaFans a try for a week, and to my amazement, I won Bets the entire time, leading me to think that I had found a reliable prediction site,” he narrates.

I have been a loyal user of SokaFans and it has never disappoint me even a single day. In good days i make more than Kes 100,000 clean at the comfort of my home. Actually last month alone i made more than Kes 2.5 million from Betting using predictions i bought from SokaFans. This platform is the ultimate guide for anyone willing to make profit from gambling. It is alleged that many Betting companies are currently facing loses after the launch of SokaFans,” he adds.

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