Nairobi guy placed a Bet with Kes 2,800 he had borrowed from his girlfriend and won Kes 8 Million. He later returned the money plus interest but the lady demanded Kes 7 Million or they break up


A Nairobi man , Alex Mutea borrowed  money from his fiancée and used it to place a Bet. He wagered KSh 2800 and astonishingly won KSh 8 million, instantly becoming a millionaire. After his win, he returned the initial amount he took from his girlfriend along with an additional KSh 1.4 million. However, his fiancée insisted on receiving KSh 7 million, claiming she deserved a substantial portion of the Betting winnings.

Given the circumstances, the woman has made it clear that she will end the relationship unless he gives her the exact amount she is requesting from the gambling winnings.

The man is in a tough spot, torn between wanting to continue his relationship with the woman and resisting the pressure to meet her substantial financial demands.

When questioned about the key to his success in Betting, here’s what he had to say.

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