My Uncle Made Me Play With His ‘Thing’ Anytime I Visited Him, Untill The Day He Attempted To Do Me This In His House


My Uncle Made me play with his thing anytime I visited him, till the day he attempted to ‘r@ped’ me in his house.

Mine was when I was just 9 or 10 years old, still in primary. I was a little girl who used to love visiting my uncle because he was an artist. Whenever I returned back from school I will love to go sit and watched him draw. It was a sneaky one because Dad was strict. Dad doesn’t allow or want us going out, apart from church and school. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and enjoy more interesting stories.

So anytime Dad goes to work and we will first him and come back to the house, my siblings will sneak out to play with our cousins, while I will go watch my uncle draw to a point I started grinding charcoal, mix it and be drawing even though it won’t come out like his.

One day, while he was drawing,I noticed his boxers were popping up, I kept looking at him and decided to returned back home, because I was thought never to look at an older person private… I went home and told my siblings, I remembered that they laughed at me without saying anything. Dad didn’t have time to spend with us because of work, so opportunity of telling him what I did wasn’t there. Another day it still continue. So this very day.

I returned from school and his wife came, stood by our fence and called me, asked me to come later, I was glad because I had opportunity of going there before Dad will return. When I went there, she gave me cake and fanta, that fanta that they used to design with toys then nah,She left to the market. While still sitted there with my uncle. Saw my uncle brought out his di€k, asked me to play with it. I did. I did another day and another day and even dreamt of playing with Di€k in my dream. Until he will pour… I didn’t know what was that sef.


One day my uncle asked me to take off my pant that he wanted showing me something, I did. He asked me to lay down, I did. He tried inserting and it wouldn’t pass and I shouted and asked why he did so, he said he wanted to show me something.

When I dragged myself up, he will pushed me to the bed, he started acting like someone that was possessed, and I screamed, he used his hands to cover my mouth, I dragged with him and screamed again, until a carpenter Which was my grandfather tenant heard and ran to his doorstep and pull down the door, because my uncle was still living in my grandfather’s compound while my dad built just close to grandfather’s compound too.

I was taken to the hospital and no injury was found. But dad still arrested him, My dad asked if I have ever mentioned to anyone what was going on, I told him I did, but, that my sister’s didnt say anything. My sister’s and our help then were punished, My mom heard and came for me. Because Mom and Dad was divorced. And I was staying with Dad

Few years later, he tried again with another grown girl who was hawking, he pretended like he wanted to buy and raped the girl in an uncompleted building… He was charged and sentence. Don’t know if he’s still serving or he’s late because didn’t see him during my marriage ceremony.

I hope this helps some parents take their time to ask their kids was going on with them… Also spend time with their children. Caregiver won’t do everything. Sorry, it’s a long one.


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