My Heart Was Broken By My Ex But God Did This


My Heart Was Broken By My Ex But God Comforted Me With A Beautiful One!

I fell in love for the first time for real couple of years ago, it was so real I thought, until I discovered I was just the only one giving it my best shot. We dated for less than a year and it seemed, my whole world came crashing down right before my eyes. Download IYEF Social app on Google playstore and get more updates.

So I made up my mind and said; if a Lady don’t love me now when I’m nothing, she’s not fit to be my Friend let alone my Wife, when I’m something.

After my heartbreak, my greatest fear was: can I ever love a Woman again?! Even if I do, I might want to go on a revenge mission with such Lady.

Sincerely speaking, I’ve always believed in LOVE from Childhood. So my new Love story began when I reconnected with my troublesome and quarrelsome Cutie Pie (my Slang Name for my Wife now) we break up, we make up, for the past 7 years that I knew her, we’ve just been at loggerhead with each other. She’s temperamental and so am I too.

Sometimes in 2018, I was instructed by the Matchmaker Himself (GOD) to go search for my Wife: He mentioned her name to me: as God would have it, we connected after couple of years of not talking to each other even though, we had each others Phone Number, it counted for nothing.

When we eventually connected, the Holy Spirit instructed me not to tell her anything about relationship which I obeyed. I just went there and showed her my Business Plan of Ankara Ties and Bow Ties, she bought into the Business idea (na recently she come dey tell me say she no say na relationship I dey look for) lol…mtcheeew😜

I eventually opened up to her after so many beating around the Bush.

We fell in love for real (I fasted and trusted God for a Spouse late May ending/June 2019, it turned out that she was fasting too that same period I fasted) the Fasting happened in May ending…”we were both fasting for Spouse without picturing anybody in mind.”🤷‍♂

It looked coincidence, she told me she actually fasted and trusted God for a Spouse, to my greatest surprise, it turned out to now be the same month and date I fasted for 3 days and trusted God for a Spouse too.

So we decided to give LOVE a Chance but she raised up a BIG ISSUE that I gave her a Concrete Definition to that BIG ISSUE.


She said: MAXWELL! We are not Compatible. I replied her by saying: “Two people can’t be mad at the same time, one has to pretend he/she is normal to make peace reign.”

So, I went ahead to give her the true Definition of Compatibility that blew her mind till date. This is it: COMPATIBILITIES IS NOT ABOUT BEING COMPATIBLE BUT ABOUT MANAGING YOUR DIFFERENCES REGARDLESS OF INCOMPATIBILITY.



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