Meet PETER WAFULA who won Kes 5.4 Million, Spent 5 Million alcohol and bought Posho Mill with the rest


Peter Wafula seemed to have struck it lucky when he won Ksh. 5.4 million in a Bet. He credited SokaFans, a prediction site, for his achievement.

However, things took a bad turn for the worse when he admitted to wasting Ksh. 5 million on alcohol. In spite of his extravagant spending, Peter was able to save some of his profits.

He decided to invest the remaining balance in a Posho mill, which was a more sensible choice and showed a change in attitude towards cautious money management.

Wafula claims that he used just 50 bob to purchase a correct prediction from SokaFans and placed Kes 300  Bet that won him Kes 5.4 million.

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