Meet a married woman haunted by guilt of sleeping with their gateman


A married rich woman from Lavington Green Nairobi has cried out for help as her conscience continues to haunt her after she slept with her a gateman recently deployed at their home by a security firm.

Conscience continues to bite her for having cheated on her faithful husband who had left for an oversea business deal. What led her to committing the sin is what she cannot gather upto now. Contact Mugwenu Doctors.

She has remained confused.She made this outrageous revelations on a popular women’s Facebook Group asking for help from fellow women after she was overwhelmed by guilt.”Please cover my IDs. My marriage is with 3 children.

My husband is 44 years old. I beg you not to blame me so much. I wanted ideas just to support myself, because I began to hate myself. My husband left for a job abroad and was left with my three kids plus a gateman whom I have been sleeping with all night through. I have been feeling horrible doing that but can’t resist.


The gate man knows how to handle a ho*ny woman. I can confess what has been making me to think of him every evening after our maid and children are a sleep,” she posted on the Facebook group adding that her husband is that kind of a man who is a caring rich man who provides everything but that, despite that, she cannot tell what made her give her nudity to a watchman.

Reading her emotional post, fellow women responded differently with some advising her to sack the gateman immediately if she wanted to survive in her marriage. Some also told her to continue enjoying the gateman’s cassava as long as she is not caught out.

A woman by the name Washiko from Kiambu weighed into the matter with one bullet. It looked scaring buts she told her in black and white that one day she will remain stuck together with watchman while having sex if she will not stop this behaviour. She warned her never to continue with that behavior if she wanted to avoid further embarrassment since witchcraft is real.

She even narrated to her what befell her one day while cheating with another man saying her husband went to a witchdoctor who made it easier for her to be busted by a Mpango in a lodging.“I will never advise you to cheat. It is wrong and when you will be caught you will know the weight of cheating. I am sorry but I can’t lie this to you to make you happy,” she warned her through a comment section.

She recounted how a traditionalist by the name Mugwenu was used to fix her while cheating with their area subchief. Mugwenu Doctors the popular witch-doctors from Tanzania who make cheating couples get stuck for a fee.

Cases of cheating lovers getting stuck have been rampant of late, couples who are being cheated on have resorted to witchcraft to bust their sweethearts“Before I give out that kamuti, the complainant must convince me that they are legally married to the cheating partner. I do not do Mpango wa Kando or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships because my kamuti only works on married couples who are unfaithful, Once a complainant visits, he or she writes their full names and that of the cheating partner on a paper which is folded and placed inside the kamuti.

The moment I snap it shut, the hunt is on, and moment the unfaithful partner has sex with his or her Mpango, they get stuck,” Mugwenu reveals in one of his books.You can contact this wonderful spell casters at or call +254740637248 and they will respond to your case as soon as possible.


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