Man Found With 100 Women Panties Under Fire


A man who is used to stealing women’s panties at Tasia Estate in Nairobi was finally caught with 100 of them.The man identified as Gregory who has been suspected for long for being behind theft of women’s underwear was finally caught during the day with the items in his own house.

According to neighbours who spoke to one of the popular News site, the man was finally cornered with the items after residents had decided to use a professional witchdoctor. It is reported that the locals led by their chairman had a meeting before coming up with a decision to procure services of a traditional herbalist.

“We decided to use the witchdoctor to catch up with this man who has been a thorn in our flesh. We have never understood why he steals strictly underwear,” a local said.They unanimously agreed to use Mugwenu Doctors to help them recover the panties from the man. First and interestingly, Mugwenu told them that all those underwear will be found in a record 45 minutes.

He offered to travel with them to their Tasia area, performed some traditional exercises around the estate and left. He assured residents that everything will be brought out.After just 45 minutes, no one could believe that the man was crying and asking for anyone who had lost his cloth to come for it. A mob was almost killing him before police on patrol swung into action to rescue him.

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